Rules and Regulation

  • 1.       On Class days students must arrive in school 15 minutes before the school time.
  • 2.       A students should affix his/her photograph in the school diary and write the required information duly signed by the parent.
  • 3.       Students are strictly forbidden to put on ornaments and to bring valuable items and mobile phone to school.
  • 4.       The school will not be responsible for lost items.
  • 5.       The school takes utmost care to see to the safety of its students. In course of the school hours if any child is injured within or outside the school premises the school at the best provides first aid only.
  • 6.       The School will not be liable for any medical claims whatsoever.
  • 7.       The very fact that the admission is sought in Snowdrops School implies an acceptance of its rules and regulations and that all will comply with the same.
  • 8.        Parents are requested to enforce the observance of the above rules. They should insist on the neatness of attire, punctuality in attending classes and on regularity in home-work.
  • 9.       Use of hair gel is not allowed. Wearing low waist trousers is forbidden.
  • 1      All the boys must keep their hair short. Girls must tie their Hair neatly with white ribbons.
  • 11    SDS provides education from Class Nursery to Class X Therefore, it is expected that the Juniors are treated with love and affection while juniors will respect the seniors.
  • 1     Students are advised to keep their classroom, school buildings and campus as clean as possible and throw left overs into the dustbins.

1      No students shall indulge in any of the following practices namely.

(a) Spitting.

(b) Smoking.

(c) Use of Drugs.

(d) Rude behavior.

(e) Bursting crackers or throwing colours.

(f) Canteen facility is only available in break time or after the school in over.

14. Students using unfair means during examination will be allotted zero

for the paper.

15. Students who fail in two subjects will not be promoted to the next


16. Running and shouting in the school building is strictly prohibited


  • The school reserves to itself the right to alter or modify any of the above
  • Rules and regulations without prior notice. The decision of the Principal in
  •         Matters concerning the school is final and binding on all concerned.