The school follows purely C.B.S.E. curriculum.

1. Subjects taught in the school area :

English, Nepali (2nd Language) Hindi (2nd Language) Mathematics, Social - Science, Science General Knowledge, Computer, Moral Science, Art & Craft, Physical & Health Education.

2 Examination and promotion :

There are two terms :

FA1 , FA2 and SA1 in the first terms FA3, FA4 and SA2 in the Final term. Criteria for promotion from Class U.K.G. to Class Vlll will be granted on the basis of the whole years performance of the student in C.C.E. which is a system of evaluation of students that eovers all aspects of students


3. Criteria for awards :

The criteria for being a Scholar from Classes V to X is .

ScholasticArea :

1.       GradeA1 in Maths, Science, Social Science, Computer.

2.       GradeA2 in remaining subjects.

Minimum 85% attendance during the session.